Your Representatives

Students have many people who can support and guide them through this process. They include the following:

  • Board Representative
  • Personal Adviser 
  • Resident Dean of First-Year Studentsor Allston Burr Resident Dean 


In addition to Allston Burr Resident Deans and Resident Deans of First-year Students, students may wish to seek advice from others, including parents, Faculty Deans, faculty, varsity head coaches, or resident tutors or proctors. The procedures of the Administrative Board, however, do not allow for the direct participation of parents, attorneys, or those who are not officers of the University affiliated with the Faculty of Arts and Sciences.



Students involved in disciplinary cases may be more comfortable navigating the Administrative Board’s process with the support of a personal adviser. Your personal adviser is given access to all case information, may attend any interviews with you, and can provide you with general advice and support. 

Personal advisers participate in the discussion with the subcommittee for two purposes: to suspend the subcommittee proceedings momentarily to take you outside the interview room for a brief break; and/or to address the subcommittee briefly if there are relevant facts that the two of you previously discussed, but that you failed to raise in the interview.

A personal adviser must be an officer of the University affiliated with the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, such as a proctor or tutor, varsity head coach, teaching fellow, instructor, or faculty member. Undergraduate students and members of your family may not serve as personal advisers for these purposes, even if they are affiliated with the Faculty of Arts and Sciences. 

Every Harvard College student has an official representative on the Administrative Board who serves as a liaison with the College in any Board matter. Ordinarily, a student’s representative to the Board is their Resident Dean of First-Year Students or Allston Burr Resident Dean. If you believe that your Resident Dean of First-year Students or Allston Burr Resident Dean is not the best person to assist you with the case, you may choose any other voting member of the Board (except for the Chair and the Secretary or Associate Secretary) as an alternate to serve as your Board Representative, in which case all communication will be through the alternate rather than your Dean. To choose someone other than your Dean to be your Board Representative, contact the Secretary of the Board.

Your Board Representative is an officer of the College and you should be open and honest when talking with them. The role of your Board Representative, whether your Resident Dean of First-Year Studentsor Allston Burr Resident Dean or Board alternate, is to represent you in the Board process. They will be present at all meetings and will make certain that you are kept informed throughout the process. Your Board Representative also will present to the Board a full summary of the facts of the case in which you are involved; they will not advocate for you but will make certain that your perspective is clearly presented. Though your Board Representative does not vote on your case, they do speak on your behalf and participate in deliberations about your case.

Each First-Year Yard and House is served by a Resident Dean of First-Year Students or an Allston Burr Resident Dean, who, under the direction of the Dean of Harvard College, is responsible for the well-being of the students in that Yard or House. The Resident Dean of First-Year Students/Allston Burr Resident Dean represents Yard/House members at the Administrative Board, is the primary liaison to academic departments on behalf of students, and serves as a key resource for students who encounter personal or academic difficulty. Finally, the Allston Burr Resident Dean contributes to the House as a scholar and participates fully in the life of the community.