Petition Process


All petitions are put forth at the request of the student. The process of petitioning the Board begins with a conversation between a student and his or her Resident Dean of Freshmen/Allston Burr Resident Dean, in which the reasons for the petition, the applicable rules of the College, and the circumstances that may or may not warrant its approval are all discussed.

  • Students may be encouraged to write a statement explaining their request and specific circumstances.
  • The student’s Resident Dean of Freshmen/Allston Burr Resident Dean will prepare a “write-up” or summary of the request and forward the petition (along with the student’s statement and other documentation, if necessary) to the Board. Students do not have the option to appear before a subcommittee of the Board when their academic records are reviewed.
  • After the Board discusses a student’s petition, the chair or his or her designee will call for a vote. Many petitions are routine votes, such as a leave of absence, but in all cases the Board decides how to respond to petitions primarily on the basis of the request and the student’s individual circumstances.
  • Students will be informed of the Board’s decision, along with any special instructions or necessary follow-up, in writing by their Resident Dean of Freshmen/Allston Burr Resident Dean. A copy of the petition and the Dean’s letter are placed in the student’s College file.