Student Conduct Process


The procedures for resolving disciplinary cases are designed to ensure that students are given a fair opportunity to be heard and that the Board has adequate reliable information to reach a decision.

The Administrative Board has two types of procedures depending on who brings the allegation to the attention of the College. If a Harvard College student brings a complaint against another student, the case is called a peer dispute. If a faculty member, officer of the University, or another community member brings the allegation forward, the case is called a non-peer dispute.There are, however, both commonalities and differences across disciplinary case procedures depending upon the nature and complexity of the case and the source of the complaint or report of alleged misconduct. The College expects that in addition to being honest and forthcoming, students will take responsibility for their actions.

Please note that The Office for Dispute Resolution (“ODR”) has been charged with implementing procedures for students pursuant to the Sexual and Gender-Based Harassment Policy (“Policy”). You can find more about their process here.