Harvard College has strict rules governing the confidentiality of all its proceedings. For any matter being prepared or presented to the Administrative Board, all participants are expected to respect the privacy of others involved and to refrain from discussing the matter or any of its details with anyone other than those who have a need to know, such as a student’s Resident Dean of Freshmen/Allston Burr Resident Dean, family member, personal advisers (officers of the University affiliated with the Faculty of Arts and Sciences), licensed mental health professionals, clergy or legal counsel, if applicable. All participants are to keep confidential any information contained in a case document or otherwise obtained from their participation in the complaint process. This includes photocopies of statements, letters, reports, and any other case documents given to them. Disclosing these materials to anyone other than those with a need to know is prohibited and may subject a student to disciplinary or legal action. Those with whom information is shared are likewise prohibited from disclosing them to others without the express permission of the College. 

All confidentiality obligations remain in full force even after the conclusion of any case.


Should you have any questions or concerns about those with whom you may discuss the disciplinary case, you should consult with your Resident Dean of Freshmen or Allston Burr Resident Dean, Board Representative, or the Secretary of the Administrative Board before taking any action.